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Spring 2014Fall 2013Summer 2013
ARE4314 Art for Elementary Schools Section(ALL) Craig Roland w/Rebecca Gilmartin + Carrie Grunnet
ARE6049 History of Teaching Art Section(ALL) Craig Roland, Elizabeth Delacruz + Jodi Kushins
ARE4940 Student Teaching in Art Education Section(1672) Michelle Tillander
ARE4934c Student Teaching Seminar Section(6064) Michelle Tillander
ARH2930 Art Appreciation: American Diversity and Global Arts Section(1B48) Pamela Merrill Brekka
ARH3585 Arts of Oceania Section(09D6) Robin Poynor
ARH6918 Arts of Oceania Section(09G4) Robin Poynor
ARH3525 Arts of West Africa Victoria Rovine
ARH4931 asian monuments Section(0387) Guolong Lai
ARH6918 Contemporay African and Diaspora Art Section(154E) Robin Poynor
ARH3171 Etruscan and Roman Art Section(09GF) Barbara Barletta
ARH4710 History of Photography Glenn Willumson
ARH2050 Introduction to the Principles and History of Art I Section(all) Elizabeth Ross
ARH4312 Late Renaissance Art in Italy Section(all) Elizabeth Ross
ARH4930 Later Greek Art Section(07E8) Barbara Barletta
ARH4930 Modern Chinese Art Section(1b53) Guolong Lai
ARH6797 Museum Education Bonnie Bernau
ARH6654 Pre-Columbian Art Seminar Section(09FA) Maya Stanfield-Mazzi
ARH2401 Survey of Non-Western Art Victoria Rovine
ART2757 3D Concepts Section(3642) Nicole Gugliotti
ART2757 3D Concepts Section(7419) Nathan Murray
ART4760C Advanced Ceramics Section(9600) Nan Smith
ART4760C Advanced Ceramics Nan Smith
ART4312C Advanced Drawing Lisa Iglesias
ART4639 Advanced Experiments in Art + Technology Section(1768) Katerie Gladdys
ART6671 Advanced Experiments in Art + Technology Section(09BF) Katerie Gladdys
ART4402C Advanced Printmaking Section(2385) Robert Mueller
ART5930C Advanced Printmaking Section(08GC) Robert Mueller
ART4710 Advanced Sculpture Celeste Roberge
ART6933 Art + Technology Graduate Seminar in Mapping Section(2166) Katerie Gladdys
ART3807C Book Art Section(0871) Leigh Ellen Knudson
ART5930C Book Art Section(17H5) Leigh Ellen Knudson
ART3768C Ceramic Sculpture 2 Section(5457) Nan Smith
ART2930 Ceramic Sculpture I Section(1915) Rob Kolhouse
ART6933 Ceramics Graduate Seminar Section(DEPT) Anna Calluori Holcombe
ART2930 Ceramics-Non-Majors Section(4314) Mario Mutis
ART3616 Digital Art and Animation Jack Stenner
ART6675 Digital Art and Animation Jack Stenner
ART4642C Digital Fabrication Section(DEPT) Charlie Cummings
ART5674C Digital Fabrication Section(DEPT) Charlie Cummings
ART2374C Draw Movement Motion Logan Marconi
ART2330C Figure Drawing 1 Logan marconi
ART3332 Figure Drawing 2 Amy Freeman
ART5930 Figure Drawing 2 Amy Freeman
ART6933 Graduate Sculpture Seminar Celeste Roberge
ART6933 GRADUATE SEMINAR PAINT + DRAW + PRINT Section(1002) Bethany Taylor
ART6933 Graduate Seminar: Graphic Design Section(DEPT) Maria Rogal
ART3930C Graphic Design for Non-Majors Section(17E5) Jarrod Elrod
ART3930C Graphic Design for Non-Majors Section(1D46) Myda Iamiceli
ART3930C Graphic Design for non-majors Section(1D46) Myda Iamiceli
ART2702 Gravity and Bouyancy Section(5436) David Goerk
ART4905C Individual Study Section(07HC) Robert Mueller
ART4848 Install Using Digital Jack Stenner
ART6849 Install Using Digital Jack Stenner
ART3807C META Section(DEPT) Charlie Cummings
ART2936 Non-Majors Natural Science Illustration Mindy Lighthipe
ART3807C Paint/Draw/Photo Ronald Janowich
ART2510 Painting from Observation Section(6297) Miguel Saludes
ART2501 Painting: Investigating Color Section(0753) Lydia Dildilian
ART2305 Perceptual Drawing Section(9631) Carlene Munoz
ART2305 Perceptual Drawing Section(03ea) Evie Woltil-Richner
ART2305 Perceptual Drawing Section(8007) Giang Pham
ART6933 Photography Seminar Sergio Vega
ART2401 Printmaking: Color Theory Section(0783) Ashley Taylor
ART2468 Printmaking: Figure Ground Section(5225) Adreena Cook
ART3433C Printmaking: Screen Printing Section(2470) Mueller/Elrod
ART6897 Prof Practice Vis Art Section(DEPT) Anna Calluori Holcombe
ART3715 Sculpture Metals Celeste Roberge
ART3522C Series Ronald Janowich
ART2701 Shaping Space and Form Section(2498) Erin Curry
ART2936C SKETCHBOOK DEVELOPMENT Section(03BH) Patrick Grigsby
ART2757 Throwing Skills and Concepts Mariana Baquero
ART3784 Vessel Aesthetic Marty Fielding
ART1803C WARP Section(03EC) Anthea Behm
ART3807C Wunderkammer Section(1D23) Sean Miller
DAA4210 Advanced Ballet Section(6397) Isa Garcia-Rose
DAA4110 Advanced Modern Section(6392) Kristin O'Neal
DAA2204 Basic Ballet (Rose) Section(08DB) Richard Rose
DAA2204 Basic Ballet-Non Majors Section(08C9) Angela McDonough
DAA2104 Basic Modern (Kassabova) Section(7838) Tzveta Kassabova
DAA2104 Basic Modern Calendar Detail/Dr. Frosch Section(4414) Joan Frosch
DAA2104 DAA 2104 Syllabus/Dr. FROSCH Section(4414) Joan Frosch
DAA2611 Dance Composition 2 Section(7834) Kristin O'Neal
DAA1000 Dance Fundamentals Section(6094) Angela McDonough
DAA1000 Dance Fundamentals Handbook Angela McDonough
DAA1000 Fundamental of Dance Handbook Farnum/DiFiore
DAA1000 Fundamentals of Dance Section(1C17) Angela McDonough
DAA1000 Fundamentals of Dance (Farnum M/W) Section(1C16) Meredith Farnum
DAA1000 Fundamentals of Dance (Farnum T/R) Both sections Section(6091) Meredith Farnum
DAA3208 Intermediate Ballet Section(12FB) Isa Garcia-Rose
DAA3208 Intermediate Ballet Section(6394) Kristin O'Neal
DAA35 Intermediate Jazz Section(1F76) Richard Rose
DAA3108 Intermediate Modern Section(4580) Rhynard/Garcia-Rose
DAA4930 Showcase Experience Section(027F) Richard Rose
DAA2381 Thai Yoga Massage Section(12EG) Kristin O'Neal
DAA2381 World Dance and Int. Perf (Capoeira) Section(12E7) Aimee Green
DAA2381 World Dance and Intercultural Performance Section(4131) Yeijia "Gina" YANG
DAN2104 Basic Modern Tzveta Kassabova
DAN3615 Dance Composition 4 Tzveta Kassabova
DAN4430 Laban Movement Analysis Dr. Frosch
DAN4180 Professional Development Section(6751) Richard Rose
DIG4255C Audio Design For Digital Production Section(119G) Patrick Pagano
DIG6256C Audio Design For Digital Production Section(119C) Patrick Pagano
DIG6125 Digital Design & Visualization Reid Perkins-Buzo
DIG2131 Digital Imaging Section(2472) Ana Trevino
DIG2131 Digital Imaging Section(1728) Giang Pham
DIG4905 Digital Projection Design Section(185E) Patrick Pagano
DIG5555C Digital Projection Design Section(185D) Patrick Pagano
DIG6050 Entertainment technology Section(1193) Marko Suvajdzcik
DIG6840C Interdisciplinary Research Seminar Section(119H) Angelos Barmpoutis
DIG2282 Time Based Media Section(2493) Kerstin Bryant
DIG4905 Video Games and Startups Section(12BD) Marko Suvajdzic
DIG4905 Video Games and Startups Section(12CE) Marko Suvajdzic
DIG1000 Workshop in the Fundamentals of Technology Section(0725) Sam Lopez
DIG1000 Workshop in the Fundamentals of Technology Section(0729) Sam Lopez
GRA4187C Graphic Design: Design Workshop Section(3340) Maria Rogal
GRA3198 Graphic Design: Image, Form, Meaning Section(9614) Jarrod Elrod
GRA4953 graphic Design: Senior Project Section(2380) Maria Rogal
GRA4186c Senior Design Studio Section(9596) Brian Slawson
GRA3194c Technology & Processes Section(9612) Brian Slawson
GRA2208 Typography I - Letterform Section(5162) Alston Wise
GRA2111 Visual Methods and Processes Section(1598) Joungyun Choi
GRA2111 Visual Methods and Processes Section(2347) Fuer Liu
HUM6942 Arts in Medicine Practicum Section(036F) Amy Bucciarelli
HUM4860L Dance Clincal Practice Section(2120) Jill Sonke
HUM2592 Introduction to teh Arts in Healthcare Section(03B6) Jill Sonke
HUM2305 What is the Good Life Section(0008) John (Jay) Watkins
IDC3500&6505 Programming for Artists Thomas Storey
MUC7931 Advanced Graduate Composition Section(6121) Paul Richards
MUC3232 Composition 2 Section(1B41) Paul Richards
MUC6930 Graduate Composition Section(109D) Paul Richards
MUE2462 Brass Skills 2 Section(0192) Michael Butler
MUE6931 Instructional Design in Music Education: Contemporary Curriculum Practices Sandy Goldie
MUE4480 Marching Band Techniques Section(7409) John (Jay) Watkins
MUE7746 Measurement and Evaluation in Music William Bauer
MUE7938 Music Education Seminar Sandy Goldie
MUE6385 Music in Higher Education William Bauer
MUE3210 Music in the Elementary Classroom Wendy Offerle
MUE2470 percussion skills Section(8413) Kenneth Broadway
MUE2440 Strings Skills 1 Sandy Goldie
MUE2442 Strings Skills 2 Sandy Goldie
MUE2430 Voice Skills Section(8422) Ronald Burrichter
MUG4202 Choral Conducting Section(5434) Willard Kesling
MUG6105 Graduate Conducting Section(8064) Willard Kesling
MUG4302 Instrumental Conducting and Materials Section(8406) John (Jay) Watkins
MUH7938 Applied Fieldwork Towards New Ethnomusicologies Section(2335) Welson Tremura
MUH6673 Classical Seminar Section(1625) Dr. Margaret Butler
MUH6673 Classical Seminar Section(1625) Dr. Margaret Butler
MUH2501 Introduction to World Music Section(1961) Nina Menezes
MUH7411 Medieval and Renaissance Notation Section(162H) Jennifer Thomas
MUH3532 Music and Healing in Africa Section(071E) Chris Witulski
MUH3213 Music History Survey III Silvio dos Santos
MUH3025 Popular Music in America Chris Witulski
MUH6548 Seminar in Caribbean Music Section(1618) Larry Crook
MUH3211 Survey of Music History I Section(0306) Jennifer Thomas
MUL2010 Intro to Music Literature Section(1016) Michael Vincent
MUL2010 Introduction to Music Literature Section(02FA) Phillip J. Klepacki
MUL2010 Introduction to Music Literature Section(1474) Phillip J. Klepacki
MUL2010 Introduction to Music Literature Section(1475) Phillip J. Klepacki
MUL4400 piano Lit. Section(2a34) Kevin Sharpe
MUL6505 Symphonic Literature Section(163B) Raymond Chobaz
MUL3693 The American Musical: Broadway and Beyond Section(134F) Dr. Margaret Butler
MUN1120, 3123 Concert Band Michael Butler
MUN1120 Concert Band Section(0336) Archie (Chip) Birkner
MUN3123 Concert Band Section(3565) Archie (Chip) Birkner
MUN1460 Flute Ensemble Section(8826) Kristen Stoner
MUN3463 Flute Ensemble Section(5355) Kristen Stoner
MUN6010 Graduate Ensemble Section(16F0) Welson Tremura
MUN1460,3463 Jazz Choir Jean Hickman
MUN1210 Orchestra Section(3365) Raymond Chobaz
MUN3213 Orchestra Section(7027) Raymond Chobaz
MUN6215 Orchestra Section(7062) Raymond Chobaz
MUN1440 percussion ensemble Kenneth Broadway
MUN1491 steel drum ensemble Kenneth Broadway
MUN1130 Symphonic Band Section(0349) John (Jay) Watkins
MUN6135 symphonic Band - Graduate Level Section(143C) John (Jay) Watkins
MUN3133 Symphonic Band - Upper Division Section(4395) John (Jay) Watkins
MUN1310, 3313 University Choir Willard Kesling
MUN1140 Wind Symphony Section(5966) Archie (Chip) Birkner
MUN3143 Wind Symphony Section(4804) Archie (Chip) Birkner
MUN6145 Wind Symphony Section(7140) Archie (Chip) Birkner
MUN1320, 3323 Women's Chorale Jean Hickman
MUN2800 Word Music Ensemble--Jacaré Percussion Section(7056) Larry Crook
MUN2800 World Music Ensemble Section(7236) Welson Tremura
MUN2800 World Music Ensemble Section(7236) Welson Tremura
MUO3503 Opera Theatre Workshop Section(4840) Anthony Offerle
MUS6905 Advance Choral Rehearsal Techniques Section(19g4) Willard Kesling
MUS2221 French Diction Section(8386) Brenda Smith
MUS2231 German Diction Section(7068) Brenda Smith
MUS6973 Individual Project Section(7678) Paul Richards
MUS1360 Introduction to Music Technology Adam Scott Neal
MUS6685 Psychology of Music William Bauer
MUS4905 SR COMP FINAL PROJ Section(16D7) Paul Richards
MUS4905 SR COMP FINAL PROJ Section(17GA) Paul Richards
MUT6445 Advanced Counterpoint Section(13E4) Paul Richards
MUT6629 Analytical Techniques Section(4581) Jennifer Smith
MUT4402 Counterpoint 2 Section(13E3) Paul Richards
MUT1001 Intro to Music Theory Rudiments Section(2974) Andrew Babcock
MUT1122 Music Theory II Section(multiple) Jennifer Smith
MUT3322 Scoring for Band and Orchestra Section(175B) Michael Polo
MUT2127 Theory of Music 4 Leslie Odom
MVB3432 French Horn Paul Basler
MVB1412 French Horn Paul Basler
MVB2422 French Horn Paul Basler
MVB4442 French Horn Paul Basler
MVK3702 Accompanying Section(6848) Hee Jung Kang
MVK1415 Applied Carillon Section(7172) Laura Ellis
MVK1413 Applied Organ Section(13B9) Laura Ellis
MVK1411, 2421 Applied Piano Section(all) Kevin Robert Orr
MVK6250, 6460 Applied Piano (Graduate) Section(all) Kevin Robert Orr
MVK1411 Applied Piano for Voice Education Majors Section(all) Kevin Robert Orr
MVK1411 Applied Piano for Voice Performance Majors Section(all) Kevin Robert Orr
MVK1411 piano Section(6893) Kevin Sharpe
MVK2421 piano Section(8326) Kevin Sharpe
MVK3431 piano Section(8075) Kevin Sharpe
MVK4640 Piano Pedagogy Section(all) Kevin Robert Orr
MVK1112 Secondary Piano Skills II Section(all) Kevin Robert Orr
MVK2222 Secondary Piano Skills IV Section(all) Kevin Robert Orr
MVO6460 graduate percussion studio Kenneth Broadway
MVO6460 Music Performance Paul Basler
MVO6460 Music Performance Section(7828) Mitchell Estrin
MVP1411 percussion studio Kenneth Broadway
MVS2422 Viola Stephen Fine
MVS1412 Viola Stephen Fine
MVS3432 Viola Stephen Fine
MVS1411 Violin Section(13DD) Janna Lower
MVS2421 Violin Section(8679) Janna Lower
MVV1411, 2421 Studio Voice Brenda Smith
MVV4640 Vocal Pedagogy Section(5779) Brenda Smith
MVV1411 Voice Section(3912) Ronald Burrichter
MVV2421 Voice Section(6167) Ronald Burrichter
MVV3431 Voice Section(0093) Ronald Burrichter
MVV2421 Voice Studio Section(13EE) Anthony Offerle
MVW1411 Applied Flute Studio Section(06FG) Kristen Stoner
MVW2421 Applied Flute Studio Section(7499) Kristen Stoner
MVW3431 Applied Flute Studio Section(7512) Kristen Stoner
MVW4441 Applied Flute Studio Section(4749) Kristen Stoner
MVW2423 Clarinet Section(7503) Mitchell Estrin
MVW3433 Clarinet Section(7514) Mitchell Estrin
MVW4443 Clarinet Section(13FD) Mitchell Estrin
MVW4640 Woodwind Pedagogy Section(13F5) Mitchell Estrin
PGY4420C Advanced Photography Section(04F1) Anthea Behm
PGY3820 Digital Photogarphy Section(9565) Craig Smith
PGY4156 Large Format Photography Section(2904) Craig Smith
PGY2442 Photogaphy: Figure Ground Orlando Estrada
PGY2101 Visual Literacy Section(A, lecture) Sergio Vega
PGY2101 Visual Literacy Section(B, studio) Sergio Vega
THE6950 Applied Theatre Mihai Ciupe
THE6905 Architectural Lighitng Seminar Section(DEPT) Stan Kaye & Martin Gold
THE4905 Arts Administration Section(1936) Kevin Marshall
THE4285 History of Architecture and Decor Section(13H5) Mihai Ciupe
THE5287 History of Architecture and Decor Section(135D) Mihai Ciupe
THE4111 History of Theatre on Stage 2 Section(0237) Ralf Remshardt
THE6526 History, Literature, Criticism 2 Section(3779) Ralf Remshardt
THE4950 Production & Performance - Costume Section(8512) Stacey Galloway
THE4950 Production and Performance Section(5154) Zak Herring
THE2000 Theatre Apprecation Section(ALL) Charlie Mitchell
TPA2120c Beginning Makeup Section(4883) Stacey Galloway
TPA2120c Beginning Makeup Section(2255) Becki Stafford
TPA4240 Costume Patterning Stacey Galloway
TPA3217 Intro to Light and Sound Section(2454) Hopper/Kaye
TPA4020 Lighting Design II Section(DEPT) Stan Kaye
TPA6243 Pattern Making - Draping Stacey Galloway
TPA4930 SCENE DESIGN 2 undergraduate level Section(1356) Mihai Ciupe
TPA6069 Scene Design II, graduate level Section(1355) Mihai Ciupe
TPA2202 Stagecraft Section(3937) Zak Herring
TPA2202 Stagecraft Section(3986) Zak Herring
TPA2202 Stagecraft Section(3988) Zak Herring
TPA2202 Stagecraft Section(7798) Zak Herring
TPP2110 Acting 1 Section(1618) Kevin Marshall
TPP2100 ACTING FOR NON-MAJORS Section(4124) Sunny Smith
TPP2100 ACTING FOR NON-MAJORS Section(4134) Oluchi Nwokocha
TPP2100 ACTING FOR NON-MAJORS Section(5232) Annelih G.H. Hamilton
TPP2100 ACTING FOR NON-MAJORS Section(6894) Kathy Byrne
TPP2100 ACTING FOR NON-MAJORS Section(4132) Michael Martinez Hamilton
TPP3103 Acting II - Analysis and Application Section(7552) Judith Williams
TPP3103 Acting II - Analysis and Application Section(7778) Judith Williams
TPP4114 ACTING IV (BFA) Tim Altmeyer
TPP6149 ACTING IV (MFA) Tim Altmeyer
TPP4930 Actors for Directors Section(0094) David Young
TPP4930 Advanced Improvisation Section(3198) Charlie Mitchell
TPP4291 Alexander and the Actor Section(08EH) Kathy Sarra
TPP6299 Alexander Technique 3 Section(08C1) Kathy Sarra
TPP6385 Graduate Directing Section(3360) David Young
TPP3290 Introduction to the Alexander Technique Section(1341) Kathy Sarra
TPP6718 MFA Voice & Speech 4 Section(07EE) Yanci Bukovec
TPP4144 Period Styles Section(6924) Judith Williams
TPP3311 Undergraduate Play Directing Section(1173) David Young
TPP4288 Voice/Speech/Training 2 Section(6711) Yanci Bukovec

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